Don’t Hide the Dead

You see this army of dead sunflowers? It’s powerful, isn’t it? Death is powerful. It shakes us. It feels eerie. It’s supposed to — because we are alive and death is…. not alive? Well, we are not quite opposites, are we? After all, one would not…

Anamita muscaria

Settle in, grab a steaming beverage and let your familiar snuggle in close.

At the edge of the forest where the children didn’t venture, the teens dared each other to go and the middle age folks pulled their disenfranchised away from, the elders whispered curiously about if it was time…

I’m 44 and I have my first brand new car. And, when I say brand new, I mean, when I bought it, it was a model from a year that we were not even in yet. But, it has only been months, and something is wrong with it, already. Typical…

Infinity or the number eight? Depends on how you look at it. Photo: ©keppel

I will not approve of your medical assisted death. I will not tell you, you are doing the right thing. I will not say to you that your reasons are justified. …

To the Young Woman Who Bought My Vintage 1950’s Prom Dress

My yard sale was not exquisite.

There was a table of little girls toys and some toddler clothing that I was not very sentimental over, six random tires from old vehicles, a table of clothes made in the USA…

In Three Clarifying Steps

If you are considering becoming a death doula, here are three steps that will determine absolute success. It’s important to do this work before you have done death doula training, though it may help to clarify some fuzzy spots afterwards.

  1. List your reasons for wishing to…

The Gods and Demons of the Deathcare Movement

Let’s begin by clarifying that I am not referring to God in heaven and demons in hell. This is about the state of mind that often rules us here on earth. Some refer to a “god complex” which is not quite where…

purples and blues of lake with branch over head

There are some times

When you meet someone

And you think


Don’t die

But you know

You hold no power

Not the kind that counts

You hold a small amount of magic;

A sip of tea

Imbued with love

But the ear-ringing stillness remains

They’re going someplace you’re not

But you will

One day

And you wonder

Who will brew your tea

And you pray

It’s someone who vibes

With your color scheme

Reclaiming the Reclaim and Letting It Go

Today, I am concerned with the village. Our own small village of our immediate surroundings and the role that we play out as death doulas in relation to our neighbors and the natural environment and life cycles within our community. …

Trigger warning: This is about those who never cared to visit the dying or ill until they were told they were not allowed to.

I’m going to bring up something a little uncomfortable. It has to do with the headline news about the elderly and sick dying alone. About the…

Anne-Marie Keppel

Author of Death Nesting and Ancient Death Doula Series. Feeding Your Demons Facilitator. Community Deathcare teacher. Mama of three.

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