• Susan Pearson

    Susan Pearson

  • Jacci van Alder

    Jacci van Alder

  • Tara Swanson

    Tara Swanson

    Human-centered coach, agile coach, writer. Passionate about helping people find their voice in the name of safety, growth and innovation.

  • Sarah Lipton

    Sarah Lipton

    Sarah Lipton is a contemplative visionary, leadership expert, writer, podcaster, teacher and creator of two businesses. Learn more here: sarahlipton.com

  • Anna Klenc

    Anna Klenc

  • Cindy Anderson Snavely

    Cindy Anderson Snavely

  • Nicola Finch

    Nicola Finch

    For 18 years, I’ve lived off grid and remote on 48 acres on the Tsilhqot'in Plateau in British Columbia, Canada. touchwoodrings.com ccdcnetwork.com

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